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Founded and run by performers with more than 10 years experience in illuminated weapons ("lightsabers") stage combat, Rogue Alliance brings far away galaxies close to home in a way other groups can't. Our performances blend varied genres into a familiar science fiction setting, featuring characters inspired by and incorporating elements from numerous sources while keeping a familiar feel. This blending of genres and tones, ranging from Shakespeare to Westerns to Film Noir, makes each show to be a one of a kind experience that sets us apart from the crowd.


Rogue Alliance encourages its members to make a character all their own. While other groups may focus on making members costumes as uniform as possible, Rogue Alliance members are encouraged to add and work with elements that inspire them, in order to transform a familiar base into a unique character that is both familiar and new. There are no "background characters" in Rogue Alliance, as we encourage every member to consider their character the star of their own story. As also encourage performing members to add elements to their costuming to reflect the various tones and genres of Rogue Alliance performances, bringing an extra layer of cohesiveness to a universe of a hundred influences.



Performers work at our weekly workshops to learn the sword, hand to hand and theatrical skills that will allow even members with no prior martial or performance background to become performance ready. These workshops are not classes in the sense that someone might attend a yoga or sword class, but are geared to teach members, and prospective members, the skills necessary to perform in our shows and appear at events. However, these workshops are open to the public so that interested individuals 18+ can learn what we do.

Although we occasionally welcome guest instructors who have additional training in specific techniques, we are a collective learning environment, whose members are also its instructors. Members with backgrounds in martial arts, melee weaponry, theater and film share their knowledge on a weekly basis. With each new member our knowledge base grows. This knowledge base is reflected in our fight performances which demonstrate real world weapons styles like fencing, staff, escrima and longsword, and martial styles such as akido, jujutsu and baguazhang.


Rogue Alliance is dedicated to using their performance skills and passion for a galaxy far, far away to help raise funds and awareness for charitable causes. In 2017 Rogue Alliance has donated their time and raised money for charities such as The Trevor Project, GEMS (Girls, Education & Mentoring Services), Starlight Children's Foundation and AIDS Walk New York. Rogue Alliance is committed to ensuring that 100% of every donation collected goes directly to charity, with Rogue Alliance members covering all costs associated with our fundraising.

Workshops & rehearsals

Find out about our weekly workshops and open rehearsals. Perfect for aspiring performers of all skill levels

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Multiple photos courtesy Dave's Cosplay Photography

Multiple photos courtesy Dave's Cosplay Photography


Unique performances combining elements from a wide range of genres, built upon illuminated stage combat

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