Frequently Asked Questions

do i need a lightsaber to come to your workshops?

No. We generally have some extra combat safe sabers on hand for each workshop. If you're concerned about us running out, you can always reach out to us through e-mail or social media and let us know you're coming a couple of days before hand.

what should i wear to your workshops?

Generally anything you would wear to go to the gym is fine to wear to our workshops. T-shirts, sweatpants, and sneakers are all fine.

Please be aware that there are certain articles of clothing, such as spiked jewelry, items with a sharp edge or high heeled shoes/boots, that are not safe for stage combat, and therefore are prohibited from workshops. Additionally, we ask that you do not wear clothing that is excessively revealing, does not allow proper movement or does not provide proper support.

What do your workshops cost?

Technically, nothing. We do not charge to attend our workshops, however we do request a voluntary $10 donation from participants. This donation goes toward the cost of the rehearsal space. If we are working outdoors, we do not ask for a donation.

do i need a costume?

If you are looking to perform with Rogue Alliance, then eventually you will need a costume. However, you do not need a costume in order to come to our workshops.

Additionally, if a member wants to help with our performances, but isn't comfortable being on stage yourself, there are many support roles a member can play to help the show go on that do not require a costume.

do you have rules for your costumes?

Yes. While Rogue Alliance's costuming standards do allow for members to customize their characters in ways most other Star Wars fan groups do not, and our shows frequently incorporate elements from various settings and genres outside the traditional Star Wars setting, we do have costuming standards that members must abide by.

Rogue Alliance's costume panel prides itself on working with members to find ways to make their costume vision work within our standards.

I'm already a member of another group, can I use that costume?

Yes, although we may ask you to change things up a little. Rogue Alliance wants every character to look unique, like they are the star of their own story rather than a background character. As such, it is likely that you may be asked to add some "flair" to your costume in order to make you stand out rather than blend in.

Please note that,  because we pride ourselves on our original costumes and characters, Rogue Alliance does not allow members to perform as Star Wars "face characters" (e.g. Darth Vader, Rey, Darth Maul).

Are you guys affiliated with another group?

No. While some of our members used to perform with a group known as New York Jedi, and you may have run into them at events in the past, we do not maintain any current affiliation with that group, nor are we affiliated with the owner of that group.

Additionally, while members of our group may also be members of other fan groups, such as the 501st or Rebel Legion, Rogue Alliance does not have any direct affiliation with these groups.

are you approved by Lucasfilm?

While Lucasfilm does not  "officially sanction" any fan groups , there are groups that are granted "preferred" status, such as the 501st and Rebel Legion.

While Rogue Alliance is not one of these "preferred" groups, we have been acknowledged by Lucasfilm and are on their roster of fan groups. As our website says, we are a group by fans for fans, and we conform to the generally accepted ground rules for Star Wars fan groups.

While this means we may not get some of the perks of the larger groups, it allows us the freedom to tell stories and personalize costumes in a way the "preferred" groups cannot.

Do you offer fight certification?

No. Rogue Alliance is not affiliated with groups such as the Society of American Fight Directors who offer combatant certification.

While we have worked and studied with individuals who have obtained this certification, as well as individuals who have worked as professional stage and film combatants, and applied many of the techniques and safety protocols which are observed by these groups, we are not a stage combat school and cannot offer fighter certifications.

what do I do if my question isn't answered here?

Feel free to reach out to us on social media, send us an email at, or feel free to drop by one of our workshops and ask us any questions we haven't listed here.