Photo by Victor Llorente for the New York Times

Photo by Victor Llorente for the New York Times

Founded in 2017, Rogue Alliance is a stage combat performance team dedicated to providing never before seen glimpses into the unusual corners of a familiar far away galaxy where stories play out in using elements and styles of various genres and story types.

Rogue Alliance is committed toward presenting fights based on real world combat techniques. Members work to integrate hand to hand, sword, staff and other weapons skills into every fight to create combat based performances that treat science fiction's most famous swords like the weapons they are. However, we are also determined to make every fight performance safe for both the audience and the performers.

Rogue Alliance members develop performance skills through weekly workshops and rehearsals. These workshops are not classes (in the sense someone might attend a yoga class, or a sword class) but instead focus on techniques and skills necessary for our performers to improve their skills, however these workshops are open to the public and we welcome anyone 18+ to attend. No attendee is ever required to pay for these workshops, though Rogue Alliance may ask for a voluntary donation from participants to help cover the cost of the rehearsal space in which the workshop is held.

Rogue Alliance is a strictly non-profit organization. All members and administrators are volunteers, and Rogue Alliance is never paid for its appearances or performances. Rogue Alliance is dedicated to insuring that 100% of all charitable donations collected go directly to charity.

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