Rogue Alliance prides itself on being able to offer our talents and abilities to serve a variety of events that have a diverse range of needs. While our specialty is obviously scripted stage combat performances, we are happy to offer a multitude of possible appearance and performance options.

Additionally, while we understand that not every event will be able to allow us to use our appearance to raise money for charity, we greatly appreciate those that do.  We are happy to work with any event to find ways to integrate our charity work whenever possible.


Rogue Alliance is able to provide both large and small scale kids training. This training involves children working one on one with Rogue Alliance members as we teach them some of our basic combinations and strikes. This can be done either with our own sabers, or with keepsake toy sabers provided by the event.

The length of these trainings can be preset by the event or can be adapted at the event based on the number of children who wish to participate. These trainings can also be adapted to work with all age and ability levels and provide a perfect photo opportunity for parents.




Stage Combat is the backbone of Rogue Alliance. While some venues are appropriate for fully scripted performances, others aren't. In times like these Rogue Alliance is happy to provide stage combat demonstrations.

These demonstrations can either be in the form of a hosted panel, or simply back to back fights. These demos are great for unusual spaces, and are great for adding some action to an event without a dedicated stage.



Rogue Alliance is able to provide and perform fully scripted shows that blend various genres and settings with a familiar far away galaxy. Past shows themes have included noir, comic book, Arthurian legend, and pirates.

These shows can be tailored to fit various time and audience demands. Additionally, with advance notice Rogue Alliance can even be created to specifically fit them theme of the event at which they will be performed.


Photo Courtesy Dave's Cosplay Photography



Rogue Alliance is able to provide stage combat instruction in both panel and workshop form. This instruction encompasses both hand to hand and armed stage combat. This can be done by demonstration, instruction with occasional audience participation, or hands on workshop form.

In these panels and workshops, Rogue Alliance pulls back the curtain on stage combat performance and shares their knowledge with anyone interested to learn.



Photo courtesy Dave's Cosplay Photography



Need some science fiction flair for your event? Rogue Alliance is happy to appear in costume (and in character) to mix and mingle with the crowd. Costuming for these events can range from full mash-up to more traditional.

Rogue Alliance is happy to find ways to make your event special, even if it doesn't involve stage combat.

If you don't see what you're looking for here, please contact us at to discuss the needs of your specific event.


Rogue Alliance is not able to perform at birthday or other private parties. Additionally, Rogue Alliance is not able to perform at retail (mall or store) events without prior permission from Lucasfilm Ltd. While Rogue Alliance is happy to train any individual, we cannot schedule or host any private workshops.